Intangible Cultural Heritage

CALL for PAPERS, VIDEOS and e-EXHIBITIONS deadline 30th September 2018



MEMORIAMEDIA project (MI/IELT) has a peer reviewed e-journal dedicated to promote, communicate and document projects, studies and archives of INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE (ICH). For this issue, authors are invited to submit unpublished papers, videos or e-exhibitions about PARTICIPATORY METHODOLOGIES and INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE.


Important dates:

Deadline for submission - 30th September 2018

Publication - December 2018


Areas of interest related to the PARTICIPATION OF COMMUNITIES, GROUPS AND INDIVIDUALS in the SAFEGUARDING OF ICH, including the following topics:

  • Participatory methodologies, ICH and sustainable development;
  • Participatory methodologies, identification and awareness of ICH significance;
  • Participatory methodologies, research, documentation and inventory of ICH;
  • Participatory methodologies, transmission (formal and informal) of ICH;
  • Participatory methodologies, education, training and capacity building on ICH;
  • Participatory methodologies, dissemination, information and promotion of ICH;
  • Participatory methodologies, planning, financing and agency in safeguarding ICH;
  • Participatory methodologies, nomination files and inscription in the ICH UNESCO’s lists.


All papers, videos and e-exhibitions will be peer-reviewed by editors and 2 members of the editorial board. Editors can request the opinion of peer-reviews who constitute an ad hoc list.

All submissions are reviewed based on their relevance, originality and clearness.



  • Up to 5000 words (10-14 pages); 
  • Word file (.doc, .docx) or Plain text (.txt) – up to 4MB;
  • Written in English or Portuguese. (MEMORIAMEDIA can finance the translation of selected content for publication - only Portuguese to English).


Videos and e-Exhibitions:

  • Communications/demonstrations of ICH Participatory Methodologies;
  • Up to 10 minutes’ video;
  • Link to the video with reserved access – YouTube or Vimeo.
  • For e-exhibitions: link to video; Power Point file (.ppt, .pptx) or other format for editors’ consideration - up to 4MB;
  • The video and e-exhibition must be subtitled/written in English - up to 2500 words in subtitles (which must be sent in .doc, .docx or .txt file);


More information about MEMORIAMEDIA Review and submission guidelines at:


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