Intangible Cultural Heritage


The mission of the MEMORIAMEDIA Review is to publish articles, documentaries, ethnographic records, artistic creations (video, photography and illustration), interviews and critical recensions that result from research on intangible cultural heritage, collective memory and oral history.

The MEMORIAMEDIA Review focuses on the publication of works in the areas of literature, social sciences (highlighting the interest in areas like traditional literature, anthropology, visual anthropology, ethnography, musicology, sociology and history) and arts.

The review is an annual online publication (with peer review and open access) of unpublished works in English. Contents published in other journals or conferences and seminars can be selected as they relate to the objectives of the MEMORIAMEDIA and prior authorization of the previous organizers or editorial entities. Such authorization must be provided by the author and prior publication must be explicitly mentioned in the new content.


MEMORIAMEDIA Review is indexed in ERIH PLUS - the European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Peer review and editing process

Manuscripts submitted for publication are evaluated by the editors regarding its relevance and agreement with the objectives of the review editorial. After this preliminary evaluation the work will be submitted to various members of the editorial council (with recognized competence in the subjects proposed). These members can approve the work in the original form, suggest modifications or reject it. Based on the opinion of peers, the editors decide whether the article should be published in its original form, revised or rejected. Editors can also request the opinion of peer reviews that constitute the Review Coordination or an ad hoc List. The peer review is double-blind for papers and there will be a declaration of no conflict of interests for videos and others contents.

The journal doesn’t have article processing or submission charges. 

Editorial team and peers

Journal Publisher

Memória Imaterial CRL

José Barbieri and Filomena Sousa



Instituto de Estudos de Literatura e Tradição - patrimónios, artes e culturas
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas
Universidade Nova de Lisboa



Filomena Sousa, Memória Imaterial, Portugal


Coordination and edition Issue n.º7

Teresa Araújo, Sandra Boto, Joana Castaño e Ana Sirgado.

Editorial Board

Ana Isabel Queiroz – IHC/FCSH/UNL, Portugal
Ana Paiva Morais – IELT– FCSH/UNL, Portugal
Ana Paula Guimarães – IELT– FCSH/UNL, Portugal
Carlos Nogueira – IELT– FCSH/UNL, Portugal
Clara Sarmento – CEI – IPPorto, Portugal

José Luís Grosso – Universidad de Catamarca, Argentina
Maria da Natividade Carvalho Pires – IP de Castelo Branco, Portugal 
Maria do Rosário Tomás Rosa – CEMRI/Uab, Portugal
Maria Gabriela Cabral Bernardo Funk – Universidade dos Açores, Portugal
Sandra Teixeira – CRLA – Université de Poitiers, França
Sylvie Colla – CRLA – Université de Poitiers, França 
Véronique Le Dü da Silva Sémik – CRILUS, Paris, França


MEMORIAMEDIA Review thanks to all who participated in the peer review process in 2017-2021, ensuring the adequate level of quality of this publication (reviewers of the Editorial Council and ad hoc reviewers):


Ana Carvalho

Ana Paiva Morais

Ana Paula Guimarães

Aurélio Lopes

Bruno Marques

Cigdem Esin

Clara Bertrand Cabral

Clara Sarmento

Cláudia Freire

Domingos Morais

Donald Smith

Elsa Lechner

Epp Tamm

HanHee Hahm

Hugo Alves Cruz

Idalina Conde

Isabel Bezelga

José Barbieri

José Luís Grosso

Lúcio Sousa

Luís de Sousa Martins

Luís Garcia Petit

Luísa Veloso

Maria da Natividade Carvalho Pires

Maria do Rosário Tomás Rosa

Maria Inês Queiroz

Maria Miguel Cardoso

Marluci Menezes

Marta Rodrigues Santos

Salwa Castelo-Branco

Sara Silva

Sylvie Colla


Translation assistance

Vera Refólio