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Diablada Pillareña. Photo: IPANC-CAB – Ecuador


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MEMORIAMEDIA Review 2. 2017. MI/IELT ISSN 2183-3753 - Filomena Sousa (coord.)



The MEMORIAMEDIA Review (MI/IELT), which main objective is the communication of projects and studies on Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and Oral History, dedicates its second issue to the theme: Rituals – practices, places and objects.


Revista MEMORIAMEDIA (MI/IELT), cujo principal objetivo é a comunicação de projetos e estudos sobre Património Cultural Imaterial (PCI) e História Oral, dedica o segundo número ao tema Rituais – práticas, lugares e objetos.



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Diablada Pillareña - Ecuador

Omar Lascano Lucía Real Hidalgo

Instituto del Patrimonio Natural y Cultural – Ecuador

MEMORIAMEDIA Review 2. Vid.1. 2017


 video: IPANC-CAB – Ecuador


An example of Ecuador's intangible cultural heritage: the Diablada Pillareña. A celebration that is held between the 1st and 6th of January in the canton of Píllaro. The characters take the streets after a whole year of preparation. Amongst the various figures that constitute this cultural manifestation, the Diablos de Píllharo are the most popular characters, with their traditional garments and masks.

Keywords: Píllaro; Devils; Dance; Parade; Ecuador.

A kind of street art - Lady of Health, Subidouro, Maia - Portugal 

Artistic and religious expressions in the preservation of the local cultural heritage

A arte na rua -Senhora da Saúde, Subidouro, Maia - Portugal

expressões religiosas e artísticas na preservação do património cultural local


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Pedro PereiraMário João Braga2

1CAPP-ISCSP (Universidade de Lisboa) / IPVC, Clube UNESCO da Maia, 2CEMRI / Universidade Aberta

MEMORIAMEDIA Review 2. e-Expo.1. 2017


 photo: Pedro Pereira, Mário João Braga

Maia- Artistic and religious expressions


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