Intangible Cultural Heritage

DIGITAL ICH bibliography DATABASE in figures


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Filomena Sousa and Alexandra Araújo

DIGITAL ICH Observatory

MEMORIAMEDIA Review 4. Art.7. 2019


 photo: Memória Imaterial CRL



Using quantitative indicators, this poster describes the composition of the Bibliography Database published on the DIGITAL ICH Observatory - a searchable bibliography on Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), Digital ICH, New Technologies and Participatory Methodologies.


This DIGITAL ICH DATABASE integrates a digital project built from open source tools. It’s a resource for all who are interested in the research produced on ICH safeguarding (considering the recommendations of the 2003 UNESCO Convention). It’s built from bibliographic information available on the internet, dispersed in different repositories, commercial editors and scientific journals (for instance,,, and



Keywords: Intangible Cultural Heritage, digital technology, bibliography, DIGITAL ICH Observatory, database.