Intangible Cultural Heritage

Memory from the Avenues

A collaborative strategy towards local history and heritage


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Filipe Silva, Inês Castaño, Inês Queiroz, Luisa Seixas and Maria Fernanda Rollo

Institute of Contemporary History (NOVA FCSH)

MEMORIAMEDIA Review 3. Art.8. 2018


 photo: Memória das Avenidas project


This paper intends to present the project Memória das Avenidas and the collaborative strategies undertook, regarding local history, heritage and memory. The project Memória das Avenidas (developed since 2015) has been recording and collecting oral testimonies and memorabilia from the elder inhabitants of Avenidas Novas (Lisbon), following a collaborative strategy with the involvement of local citizens, NGOs and institutions, in order to understand the historical processes by which the city has been developed, occupied, transformed and lived. One of its main goals has been to build an open platform for raising awareness towards critical ways of dealing with local heritage in its various forms as a means to foster community building and identity.



Keywords: memory, local history, collaborative research, open science, community building